Sustainable lighting system.

Much more savings.


The REDUNLED system is an innovation in lighting because it works differently with electric current, at low voltage, offering safety against risks of accidents with electrocution and considerably reducing consumption in relation to conventional Led lamps. It can be used in any environment, whether indoor or outdoor; small or large.


The REDUNLED system's functionalities aim to offer continuous lighting in the applied environment, with its intelligent redundancy system; longer lamp life; the absence of risks, in terms of electric shock and the reduction of energy consumption to 0%, in some cases, due to the unique capacity of demand management.


The REDUNLED The REDUNLED system's efficiency is due to the innovation of its application in any environment, bringing the convenience of an emergency light, but as constant lighting, with greater durability, safety and cost reduction, due to its circuit with a large advantage in relation to Led lamps found on the market.