As a result of a world focused on sustainability, innovation in the form of lighting brings several advantages and contributes to more responsible and efficient results. The REDUNLED system comes with this responsibility, combined with ease, security and economy using a renewed and reformed form of energy supply, saving energy, increasing productivity and saving raw materials, since the system uses little resource compared to its high level of functionality.

It can be projected in any environment, whether internal or external, small or large, such as homes, businesses, industries, ports, airports, public roads and any other that needs lighting. REDUNLED does not only bring simple and common lighting to these environments, but it implements a sustainable lighting construction system, making its system indispensable in the daily life of a residence or in the production of a large industry, as there is no equally suitable and effective sustainable alternative.

Lighting plays an important role in economic development and looking for an alternative way to do so, makes REDUNLED stand out in the market, bringing in its concept the ability to light in a more modern, economical and environmentally friendly way. In addition to all the aforementioned responsibility, this new system offers security as it does not offer the risk of accidents of an electrical nature as well as the non-interruption in the light source, without the need to deploy emergency lights or generator sets.

An ecologically correct system, which prevents any environment, with its applicability, from being or staying without light, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 0%, in some cases, which has greater durability and therefore less exchanges and discards in nature, with easy dimming and still offering security, makes REDUNLED achieve the status of an environmentally responsible company.

System Purpose

One of the main concerns of science and architecture has been to consume less and less natural resources. REDUNLED came to add this value to buildings in order to overcome the functionality of conventional LEDs, found today on the market.

With the deployment of traditional LEDs, the market has gained a lot with the reduction in consumption compared to traditional lamps, however with the deployment of the REDUNLED system the consumption gain is even greater. The REDUNLED system reduces energy consumption by up to 70% compared to the already economical and traditional Led and can even reach an economic reduction of up to 100%, that is, without lighting costs, in some cases.

Conventional artificial lighting systems are powered by electricity distributors or photovoltaic panels, but the REDUNLED system converts energy and delivers it in a different way. Together with photovoltaic panels, REDUNLED releases energy in a sustainable manner.

The goal is to maintain continuous illumination; be it for night visibility or dark environments, enhancement of decoration and supply of low voltage electrical equipment such as: laptops, cell phones, internet modems, among others; thus, composing conscious, adaptable and economical lighting.

This benefit of continuous lighting comes from the deployment of the intelligent system that manages the energy supply and charging of the battery bank. This alternative and efficient solution reaffirms the advantages of implementing the REDUNLEDconcept, due to its effective battery charge management, extending their useful life and consequently making them harmless to the environment, as they take a long time to be replaced.

REDUNLED is concerned with analyzing and evaluating durability, its applicability and the importance of reducing the environmental impact of its product, making it systemically reliable and usual.