Energy efficiency and energy savings

Given its effectiveness in the implementation, the REDUNLED system proves its efficiency through a number positive and unparalleled points, in this regard. These points make REDUNLED not only a simple lighting system, but also a new concept of lighting.


When we offer the guarantee of maintaining electricity, even in the event of blackouts, it is essential that we offer instant redundancy in the lighting distribution circuits, that is, the continuity of the energy supply, without interruptions, keeping the environment on and supplying electrical equipment, low voltages, such as cell phones, laptops, internet modems, among others.


ECONOMY - REDUNLED lamps are arguably more economical, even if compared to traditional Led lamps. Its consumption can considerably reduce the amount spent on lighting, or even reduce it to 0%, in some cases. REDUNLED lamps also have a long service life, so the cost of any changes can take years to be made. Compared with any other lamp or lighting system, REDUNLED cost/benefit skyrockets when we seek efficiency combined with savings.


SAFETY - When we think of electric current, the question of discharges and shocks are considered, however with the Implementation of REDUNLED this question is discarded since the system is designed with ultra-low voltage and, therefore, all the lighting circuits implanted do not pose risk of accidents.

Two important factors make the REDUNLED system different when it comes to security. They are:

Conducting electricity in wet environments: this combination can be fatal if your lighting system is conventional, but not in the case of the REDUNLEDsystem, which works safely and perfectly even under water. A good example is its effectiveness in saving lives in the event of a fire, where the first step would be to turn off all electrical currents, to put out the fire. However, if the environment has this innovative system, firefighters can carry out their work by operating in a bright and safe place.

The heating of lamps: even the conventional ones of Led, make the handling impossible, however the lamps of the REDUNLEDsystem, for working in ultra low voltage, can be handled even by a child, even after hours on;

Prioritizing safety always be that of our employees or our family, and it is a duty of all of us, but for REDUNLED it is an objective and a commitment.


DIMERIZATION - The ability to dim, that is, to electrically control the consumption or the luminous intensity of a light source is a differential that adds value in a project, be it residential or corporate. This differential is provided in the REDUNLED system in a modified and even more economical way, since its use stands out not only for its functionality, but for its different applicability in the REDUNLED intelligent system.

The DIMERIZATION of the environments not only adds decorative value but also economic and sustainable, since the environments can be worked to take advantage of the natural light and less wear on the implanted system. Consequently, obtaining better use of the service, longer lamp life and greater savings for your pocket.

Therefore, if you are a person who likes to combine the useful, pleasant, effective, economical and safe, REDUNLED presents inspiring tips for adopting our sustainable lighting system, in your lifestyle.